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Please note all Limited Companies should have a PAYE scheme. If you employ someone - even if it's your self a direcor - you'll ussually need to register as an employer.

If you are setting up a PAYE scheme for the first time you will need to register as an employer with HMRC. In addition, if you engaged in Construction industry (CIS) as a Contractor and engaging subcontractors you  must register for the CIS scheme.

We can offer support and advice for the preparation of your business’s PAYE and CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)  and Auto-Enrolment Services.

Such assistance may include:

  • Preparation of PAYE payslips and P11 deduction cards (incorporating, SSP, SMP, and other sundry additions and deductions)
  • Preparation and filing of Real-time Information Reports (FPS, EPS)
  • Preparation of the P60, P45 and P46 PAYE certificates
  • Preparation of CIS payment advices
  • Preparation of CIS monthly contractor tax certificates
  • Preparation of monthly CIS300 CIS returns
  • Assistance with PAYE and CIS enquiries and investigations by HM Revenue and Customs
  • Other PAYE and CIS advice and assistance as matters arise
  • Auto-Enrolment Services

We provide a comprehensive payroll services, taking care of clients in a variety of payroll circumstances. Whether you are an employer or  CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) registered, our  years of experience ensures you are in safe hands with us.

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